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Wide Fixed Snow Plough



Our Fork Mounted Snow Ploughs offer a fixed blade position which clears the snow to the left.

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Our Fork Mounted Snow Plough should be pushed along with the blade wear strip (rubber depending on model) just in contact with the surface to be cleared.

To fit; simply ensure screw clamps are loosened enough to allow fork entry, then simply drive the truck slowly forwards into the pockets until as far in as possible.Then simply re-tighten the screw clamps.

The lift chains should be kept taut, supporting the weight of the forks and the attachment, particularly when castors are fitted.

Delivery: 2 Weeks

  • Tested & Certificated: All our forklift snow ploughs are ‘CE’ marked, fully tested and and come supplied with Certificates of Conformity for compliance with Health & Safety regulations.

  • Design For Strength: Our forklift snow plough has undergone stress analysis checks that makes sure all weak points that may occur during heavy snow ploughing operations are eliminated.

  • Steel Blades For Heavy Duty Operation: All Our snow ploughs for forklifts, are manufactured from durable 6mm thick steel, making them ideal for ploughing frozen compacted snow. In additional, for added service life, all snow ploughs come fitted with 10mm thick steel (replaceable) wearstrips. Rolled Blade Design: To allow for efficient snow ploughing, all Contact’s forklift snow ploughs are designed with a rolled blade. A rolled blade design ensures snow rolls away from the snow plough blade in an effective and efficient manner.

  • Rubber Blade Inserts: When choosing our snow plough attachments, our fixed blade snow plough can come supplied with a rubber blade insert as an option, whereas our Adjustable and Sprung Loaded snow ploughs have rubber blade inserts fitted as standard. This rubber blade acts as a form of protection to the snow plough blade, when ploughing over rough ground or over ground with raised objects (drains etc).

  • The rubber blade insert also contributes to a longer service life of the snow plough blade. Available In Various Specifications To Suit Your Needs: Whatever the type of snow plough attachment you are looking for, we have a snow plough to suit your needs. From a fixed blade design for simple yet effective snow ploughing, an adjustable blade design, with left, right or centre blade positioning, to a Sprung Loaded design with shock absorbing springs, you can be assured we have a snow plough attachment to suit your requirements.

Heavy duty steel blade rolling for complete durability and longevity

Angled blade, ensures snow is pushed away to one side when ploughing

Heavy duty steel wearstrips fitted as standard to all models with the option of

additional 20mm thick rubber blade inserts

Generous sized fork pockets, ensures the forklift snow plough will fit most fork trucks,

thus maximising use of available plant machinery

Quick and easy to fit on and off the forklift forks via zinc plated safety screw clamps

No moving parts, offering low maintenance and servicing costs

'CE' marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity to meet Health & Safety Regulations 

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Wide Fixed Snow Plough

Wide Fixed Snow Plough

Our Fork Mounted Snow Ploughs offer a fixed blade position which clears the snow to the left.

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