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    Keep your warehouse clean & safe with Rack Sacks for all types of waste. Easy to fit and delivered to your door.

    From £25.00 + VAT
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    600 gallon replacement deioniser cartridge for HydroPure battery filling system. 5-7 working days expected delivery time.

    From £90.00 + VAT
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    The Linde M20, tiller controlled hand pallet truck. Highly maneuverable and ideally suited to cost-effective loading/unloading, and short to medium distance pallet transfer.

    From £265.00 + VAT
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    Watering Guns fill battery cells with water and automatically shut off when the electrolyte reaches the correct level. 5-7 working days expected delivery time.

    From £60.00 + VAT
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    The HydroPure is a low cost deioniser system that makes pure water straight from the tap! 5-7 working days delivery

    From £290.00 + VAT
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    Fork Lift Mortar Bins - Light weight, easy to handle, easy to store, rigid, strong, durable - and sensibly priced !

    From £75.00 + VAT
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    Fork extensions provide a simple, but effective method of handling the occasional long and awkward load that extends past the tips of the parent fork arm. (Maximum Overhang 66%) Note - Product sold as a pair - Pricing as a pair3-5 working day delivery

    From £246.00 + VAT
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    The ideal attachment for spreading dried rock salt in icy weather conditions.  It is built to the highest quality standards, with the option to control the spread width up to 8m. 5 Working Days Delivery GET 3 FREE BAGS OF SALT WITH YOUR PURCHASE

    From £735.00 + VAT
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    Magnetic Fork Covers are ideal for handling a wide variety of loads. Designed for super quick, efficent installation and use in any industrial sector where forks are used to lift products that could be damaged from contact with bare forks. 5-7 working days delivery NOTE - these items are sold as pairs

    From £287.00 + VAT
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    Linde BlueSpot™ is a visual driving path warning device which enhances safety both in trucking aisles as well as intersections between aisles and pedestrian walkways. Experience with customers shows that a visual warning device is often better accepted and more effective amongst operators compared to acoustic warning devices or conventional flashing...

    From £151.50 + VAT
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    The pedestrian push along salt spreader is ideal for ensuring pathways, walkways and access ways are gritted for ice. With large pneumatic tyres for easy movement, and a 50kg capacity non corrosive hopper, our pedestrian salt spreader will help ensure your operations keep moving during the winter months 3-5 working days delivery

    From £261.00 + VAT
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    Replacement Features for the Hydro Cart.5-7 working days expected delivery time.

    From £27.56 + VAT
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Showing 1 - 12 of 78 items
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