Battery Topping Gun

A must have for any fork lift owner, browse our battery topping gun range for the safe way to top up your battery with water.

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    Watering Guns fill battery cells with water and automatically shut off when the electrolyte reaches the correct level. 5-7 working days expected delivery time.

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    Watering monitors dramatically improve battery maintenance by intelligently alerting personnel if a battery needs water or not. These monitors allow watering on a "as needed" basis instead of a hit-or-miss schedule. A cost effective solution that will reduce labour & increase life by helping to ensure the battery is correctly maintained Smart Blinky...

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    One off kit required to fit Smart Blinkys Special kit to correctly drill the dimensions and depths required for the smart blinky battery monitors Smart Blinky can fit all battery types!

    From £42.00 + VAT
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
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