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Our range of winter products has everything you could need to keep your site fully operational, whatever the weather can throw at it.

From heavy duty snow plough attachments and high-capacity towable gritters, to snow shovels, grit bins and sweepers, we have the material to keep your business moving.

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    Replacement Dish, Pre Drilled for easy fitting.

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    The OAKSS2 is a mid-weight manual push gritter / salter spreader with a 30kg hopper and is suitable for both brown salt / grit and white salt. 5-7 Working Days Delivery

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    The pedestrian push along salt spreader is ideal for ensuring pathways, walkways and access ways are gritted for ice. With large pneumatic tyres for easy movement, and a 50kg capacity non corrosive hopper, our pedestrian salt spreader will help ensure your operations keep moving during the winter months 3-5 working days delivery

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    Reversible snow plough, shovels snow left and right!

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    Although potentially a seasonal attachment, the fork mounted Snow Plough is invaluable when the clearing of freshly fallen or compacted snow is required to ease vehicle or pedestrian access i.e. car parks, access roads and service yards. Often used by our customers as yard scrapers out of the wintry months.

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    The Fork Truck Mounted Sweeper Attachment is a quick and easy solution for re-heaping your loose granule products such as sand, top soil, grain or similar.  Giving you the versatility of clearing your yard, roadway, footpaths or warehouse. 3 different sized widths available. Estimated 3-4 working days delivery.

    From £587.00 + VAT
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    The ideal attachment for spreading dried rock salt in icy weather conditions.  It is built to the highest quality standards, with the option to control the spread width up to 8m. 5 Working Days Delivery

    From £900.00 + VAT
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    The fork mounted adjustable snow plough allows the plough to clear snow both left, right and straight ahead through a simple adjustament mechanism. 10-15 working days delivery

    From £1,159.00 + VAT
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    Winters can be harsh and can affect your business but its nothing our fork mounted gritter cannot solve. Our new hydraulically driven salt spreader will turn any forklift into the ultimate gritter. Please contact the LindeStore on 0845 609 8899 for more details.

    From £3,500.00 + VAT
Showing 13 - 21 of 21 items
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