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Safety is the number one concern, discover our range of safety accessories for your forklift

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  • Anti-slip tape is manufactured through a unique process ensuring its one of the most effective anti-slip surfacing available.POA

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    We supply a quality cost effective solution to your safety needs when working at height. Our helmets are light, strong and comfortable complete with quick release chinstraps. Available in three colours - White, Blue and Yellow... 3-4 days delivery time.

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      Adjustable length lanyard for work restraint or work positioning. 3-5 working days delivery

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      Two Point Fall Arrest Full Body Harness available to order online. In stock and ready for delivery to UK Mainland 3-5 working days delivery

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      Protect your load from damage with removable magnetic load protection pads which attach directly to your forks, can also protect your upper sections of the load. Three sizes available.

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      Linde BlueSpot™ is a visual driving path warning device which enhances safety both in trucking aisles as well as intersections between aisles and pedestrian walkways. Experience with customers shows that a visual warning device is often better accepted and more effective amongst operators compared to acoustic warning devices or conventional flashing...

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      Specifically designed to reduce damage to fragile loads from the fork back height when being loaded or unloaded via a forklift truck. The Load Buffer simply attaches to the fact of the fork and is held in placed magnetically - Eliminates the time and money lost decanting damaged stock. 

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      The access platform offers a strong choice of safe and stable working decks from which to carry out non routine maintenance tasks. Whatever the application, the access platform is a safer alternative to ladders and at a lower cost than scaffolding. Various sizes are available - Please scroll down below and view chart for more information.

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    Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
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